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TJ League Season 4

We have 5 leagues sorted by rank:
TJ-S – Iron, Bronze and Silver
TJ-G – Gold
TJ-P – Platinum
TJ-D – Diamond
TJ-C – Champions( Paid tournament fixed entry fee 25 EUR per team, minimum D4 avg)

You will be placed into one of these leagues after your registration based on an average rank calculation and other determining factors.

Team Captains have access to specific discord TJ channels to search for players/teams.

All leagues will have set scheduled days, WITH an option to reschedule
TJS / TJG : Monday & Wednesday
TJP / TJD : Tuesday & Thursday
TJC : Monday & Wednesday

You will be playing 2 matches, Best of Three, per week for 3 weeks.
Following the result we will select the top teams of each group to participate in our playoffs.
Playoffs are self scheduled in advance of the end of the group stage.

Registration is open.
We expect Season 4 to start 11th of May 2020 . Stay in touch with us on the discord server

Sign-up with your main account on EUW and make sure your summoner name and discord name are correct.

We have officially partnered up with Challengermode to provide us the best platform for hosting tournaments.
We expect you to have read all the FAQ articles displayed on their site.
Challengermode space and tournaments we host:

Make sure to join our discord, as we will not process your application if you are not in our discord server.

We wish all of the players the best of luck on the Summoners Rift!


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